Don't Feel Stumped About Your Yard

Don't Feel Stumped About Your Yard

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When you look at your yard, what do you see? If you're distracted by unsightly tree stumps, it's time to make a change. Three People Tree Service, LLC provides stump grinding services in Greenville & Taylors, South Carolina. We'll eliminate your stumps, leaving behind a smooth flat space. Plus, you don't have to worry about dealing with a mess. We'll handle the cleanup.

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Kick stumps to the curb

If you're constantly tripping over stumps in your yard, it's probably time to do something about them. Many property owners choose to remove stumps with stump grinding because tree stumps:

  • Can be an obstacle for vehicles
  • Are sometimes filled with bacteria and pests
  • Ruin the aesthetic of your yard
  • Take up valuable landscaping space
  • Get in the way of lawn mowing

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